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Ukraine Ranking 2014
For the first time in the ranking history Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Kyiv Shevchenko University shared top spot of the Ukrainian national university ranking.

According to Olesya Lynovytska, Head of TOP 200 Ukraine and Member of the Executive Committee of IREG Observatory, the two leading Ukrainian universities I n the past year showed almost identical integral indicators and at the same time performed by a large margin above the rest of TOP-10. On that basis the ranking experts decided that Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Kyiv Shevchenko University will share the top place.

Kharkiv National University named after Karazin (third place), National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (fourth place), National Mining Academy (seventh place), Dnipropetrovsk National University (tenth place) remined in TOP-10. NTUU Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (fifth place), NTUU Lviv Politechnic Institute (sixth place) improved their final table place. Lviv National University named after Franko entered TOP-10 with ninth place

The ranking methodology focuses on four broad criteria: perceptions of institutional performance from the perspective of employers and general academic reputation, the quality of research and teaching capacity, the overall quality of the education delivered, and institutions international recognition and presence in the global information space (including on the basis of Webometrics ratings).

Here are the best ten universities in the Top-200 Ukraine:

1/2 National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (80,9)
Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University (80,9)
3 Karazin Kharkiv National University (49,48)
4 National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (45,69)
5 National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (45,67)
6 National Technical University Lviv Polytechnic Institute (45,25)
7 National Mining Academy (44,00)
8 Bogomolets National Medical University (43,12)
9 Lviv Ivan Franko National University named after Franko (42, 40)
10 Dnipropetrovsk Oles Gonchar National University (36,54) (in Russian) (in English)

Contact: Olesya Lynovytska

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