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What is a rating?
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What is a rating?
What is understood as an estimation of quality of educational services?

Analyzing the market of educational services rendered by domestic educational institutions, nowadays it is possible to ascertain regretfully:

  • in mass measurement education began less qualitative, and the overwhelming majority of graduates of higher educational institutions (especially new) are not competitive in the market of work;

  • deterioration of higher education, its inadequacy to needs of a society and the market of work deepens break of communications between просвещенцами and employers, between sphere of education and the market of work;

  • the existing database concerning educational institutions (specialization HIGH SCHOOL, rules of reception in HIGH SCHOOL, term of training, payment and so forth) cannot give to the full to the future entrant of the exhaustive information in a uneasy question of a choice of "that" educational institution which will provide a maximum of benefit of money resources enclosed at training which in turn becomes the basis in construction of professional career.

  • All these moments should disturb a society, in fact at a level of the person qualitative education is that basis which appreciably influences its well-being, social the status, an opportunity of self-expression.

    Activity of the Center of the international projects "EuroOsvita" is directed first of all on development, approbation and introduction in Ukraine of principles of the international examination and system rating estimation higher educational institutions with use of the techniques which have been saved up by UNESCO.

    Rating serves many purposes, some from them it is resulted below:

  • assistance of modernization and flexibility education spheres due to a feedback (as interrogations) with the basic participants (students, teachers) educational process;

  • classifying different types educational institution, curriculums and disciplines to stimulate a competition between them;

  • duly granting to potential consumers (the entrant, the employer, the state structures) the adequate comparative information on the status of higher educational institutions;

  • maintenance of the rights young the person on employment due to improvement of quality of education.

  • The center "Євроосвіта" represents the basic concept of quality of education as the big weight complex to a component which includes prospect for career which gives an educational institution, quality and cost of training, cost of residing, availability of household services, presence of stipendial programs, respect for the European and world values, absence of interethnic and religious conflicts, conformity European просвещенским to standards and etc.

    What purpose оценивания qualities of educational services?

    Bologna the declaration has confirmed, that the opportunity of the device for work is a basic question for higher educational institutions in all Europe, it is the strategic purpose which has no alternative.

    So, оценивание qualities of educational services are one of mechanisms which assists process of structural reforming of national system of higher education, changes of educational programs and necessary institutional transformations to higher educational institutions for maintenance of integration of Ukraine to European scientific and educational spacious with the purpose of increase of ability of graduates of higher educational institutions to employment, improvement of mobility of citizens in the European market of work, a raising of competitiveness of the domestic higher school.

    On how much the system of ratings advanced in the world?

    The program is new to Ukraine, but systems rating оценивания HIGH SCHOOL with the big success work in more, than 20 countries of the world, and among them such as the countries of the European union, Russia, the USA, Australia, China and other.

    In what a difference between system of ratings HIGH SCHOOL and existing in our country to the state system of an estimation of quality of education?

    There are some basic differences between system of ratings HIGH SCHOOL and system of an estimation of quality of education existing in our country:

  • the system of ratings of HIGH SCHOOLS on 100 % independent of official state structures and thus levels their influence on an estimation of quality of education;

  • ratings represent the objective, transparent and maximum full information on quality of educational services rendered HIGH SCHOOL;

  • ratings enable to understand the mechanism of pricing in sphere of paid education in HIGH SCHOOL, and to answer constantly arising questions on an optimality of a ratio " price / quality of education ";

  • the system of ratings of HIGH SCHOOLS not only is recognized and works in many countries of the world, and and is constantly coordinated and improved (an example of it can serve authorized on May, 20, 2006 in Berlin (Germany) the International Expert Group on Ranging (IREG) (to which " the Berlin principles of ranging of high schools " enter representatives of 19 countries)). "Principles of rating in Berlin" ).

  • How our educational institution can join the program of drawing up of ratings?

    Address to our Center, де Вам where to you will give the total information concerning the organization rating estimation.

    What principles are put in a basis rating estimation?

    For the Center "EuroOsvita" are the some important positions:

  • monitoring quality of education should be full, constant, transparent, objective;

  • criteria оценивания should be clear and answer objects in view;

  • results rating оценивания are covered in mass media;

  • to develop, approve and introduce in Ukraine principles of the international examination and system rating оценивания higher educational institutions (HIGH SCHOOL) with use of the techniques which have been saved up by UNESCO;

  • to take part in creation in Ukraine a modern information infrastructure with the ramified network of information communications and the distributed systems of data processing, development of information resources in the field of education, its integration in European, world space;

  • to assist association national education systems and a science in the European space with uniform requirements, criteria and standards which assist the European cooperation concerning maintenance of quality of formation and to elimination of available barrier on a way of mobility of students, teachers, researchers and managers of the higher school.

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