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About Center
About the center
The center of the international projects "EuroOsvita" has been created in 2003 under the initiative and support of scientifically research institute of applied information technologies of Cybernetic center National Science Academy of Ukraine.

Mission of the Center is application principles of the international examination and rating оценивания activity of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, monitoring of quality of knowledge, development and realization of the international просветительно-scientific projects, programs, versatile the actions directed on improvement of an information infrastructure in Ukraine, development and expansions of introduction of the newest information technologies (ІТ).

With the purpose of realization of the specified purposes the following directions of activity of the Center are defined:

  • development, approbation and introduction in Ukraine of principles of the international examination and system rating оценивания higher educational institutions with use of the techniques which have been saved up by UNESCO;

  • system engineering and carrying out of diagnostics of quality of knowledge of pupils, students and other categories of citizens behind programs of educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries;

  • development of criteria and methods of an establishment of equivalence of curriculums, educational levels, systems of estimations, criteria of quality in formation(education) in comparison of various foreign educational systems with national during realization of Bologna process principles;

  • monitoring the market of educational services, an operating time of methods and granting of modern educational services on which there is a demand in a society, including - for citizens of the foreign states;

  • preparation and the organization of performance of national and international educational and scientific projects and programs;

  • consulting activity according to problems(tasks) of the Center and granting of these services to physical and legal persons in Ukraine in the organization of their cooperation with partners abroad and on the contrary - to foreign subjects in debugging cooperation with partners in Ukraine;

  • assistance to creation in Ukraine a modern information infrastructure with the ramified network of information communications and the distributed systems of data processing, development of information resources in the field of education, its integration into the European, global space;

  • preparation of offers to the state, governmental, not governmental structures in Ukraine, and also to the international, foreign bodies and the organizations concerning development of educational projects, programs, their realization.

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    e-mail: inf@euroosvita.net

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